Monday, September 28, 2009

Window vs Mac Sales

We launched on all 3 at the same time. Mac press releases get alot more traction than PC. Make sure to post a demo on too.

Web traffic Now Boarding
90.5% windows
9% mac
0.5% linux

Sales Now Boarding
76.5% windows
18.6% mac
0.5% linux

The main takeaway here is the x2 conversion rate of Mac visitors. Knowing this should make deciding whether to support it easier, especially if you have some sales data to work with and how much mac porting will cost. Our flash/AIR solution gave us Mac and Linux for free. Linux never did amazing, but we recently got posted on some Linux sites and that percentage may be increasing.

2Dboy had a % platform pie chart in their GDC presentation:
World of Goo
Windows 65%
Mac 25%
Linux 10%

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  1. Unfortunately, Linux has never been strong with Flash. It seems Adobe is always lagging with the Linux release of Flash. Is the Linux port of Clockwords using an older version of Flash (or am I behind the loop on the Linux-Flash scene?)